16 January 2018

“The Office at SINGHA COMPLEX” arranged a Topping Off Ceremony to Affirm its Readiness for the Urbanites this Mid-Year

SINGHA COMPLEX, the premium mixed-use flagship development from Singha Estate (Public Company Limited) is set to welcome the urbanites to experience a luxury and redefined contemporary lifestyle this mid-year 2018. The company recently organized a topping off ceremony to honor its completion at the roof-top on 42nd Floor of The Office at SINGHA COMPLEX.

Mr. Naris Cheyklin - Chief Executive Officer of Singha Estate (Public Limited Company) revealed the progress of SINGHA COMPLEX, a mixed-use development located on the corner Asoke-Petchaburi road that, “The construction of SINGHA COMPLEX is progressing very well and in a timely manner. We recently organized a topping off ceremony to honor the completion of the external building of The Office at SINGHA COMPLEX on 42nd Floor. This affirms our readiness to complete by this mid-year for the urbanites to experience redefined luxury and modern living.

The Office at SINGHA COMPLEX is designed under the concept of “Stylish Living is Crafted and Redefined” this emphasizes our precision in every step to ensure a perfection of modern living lifestyle from day-to-day life to working life to urban life and overall quality of life. This state-of-the-art building is energy-efficient under the Green Concept, certified by LEED Gold, a globally recognized sustainability system. We prioritize the environmental aspect in every step of the way from designing down to details of the construction itself. We are very certain that when our internationally recognized building is fully open, it will be the showcase as a grade A office that is energy efficient and fulfill every demand of the urbanites in Asoke-Petchaburi neighborhood.”

SINGHA COMPLEX is a mixed-use development that attentively combines office building, retail area and residential building on an 11-Rai land. Its office rises 42 floors above the ground with an office space that spreads 60,000 square meters, its retail area on the 1st to 4th floors is 5,000 square meters. The office and retail mall construction value combined is estimated at 4,200 million Baht (excluded land price) and luxury condominium, THE ESSE at SINGHA COMPLEX which rises 39 floors above the ground valued 4,300 million Baht.

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