Concepts in Action

To preserve terrestrial biodiversity and have a continuous positive impact on marine biodiversity, the company has initiated various projects within and nearby business areas, including offshore and coastal areas with high marine biodiversity. In alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14), the efforts have been ongoing since 2016 onwards. The data and knowledge are consistently applied in project development and have become a corporate value delivered to our customers and stakeholders throughout all operational stages.

In addition to overseeing the company's internal business operations, the company also expands collaboration with stakeholders and partners in implementing projects to preserve and restore marine biodiversity, creating shared benefits and value. Our initiative projects include:

Marine Biodiversity Preservation Project

  • Maintain and promote the growth of coral reefs covering a total area of 5,736 SQ.M, representing an increase of 1,197.49% from 2016 (479 SQ.M.)
  • Saving endangered species on the IUCN Red List including "Near Threatened" and 27 species in the “Critically Endangered" category.
  • Conservation efforts for the endangered Brown-banded Bamboo Sharks. Out of the 45 under care, 11 have been released back into their natural habitat, and 4 have been bred.
  • Delivered 600 meters of boundary buoys and giant rope nets to the Nopparat Thara – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park to establish protection lines for coral reefs.

The Project to Cultivate Awareness and Engagement in Marine Conservation

  • Empowering more than 50 youths to become Change Agents through the SeaYouTomorrow Camp.
  • Establishing 2 Marine Discovery Centers. Throughout the operation period (2019 – 2022), a total of 28,293 visitors have visited the centers.
  • Developing senior management courses on the sustainability of marine life at the CROSSROADS project in Maldives for a total of ... individuals.

Surveying and Monitoring the Expansion of Conservation Areas Project

The company established conservation areas within the CROSSROADS project in the Maldives in 2016 to support continuous habitat provision and biodiversity restoration. In 2022, efforts to safeguard these areas continued, and in 2023, the company partnered with Kasetsart University to create a marine protected area within the CROSSROADS project. This involves developing management guidelines, collecting and monitoring data using modern equipment, such as aerial surveys with Splash drones and Temperature Data Loggers to track marine temperature changes. These initiatives aim to balance project area utilization, restore coral reefs, and preserve biodiversity.

Surveying and Monitoring Endangered Marine Species Project
Singha Estate's marine scientists at the CROSSROADS Project in Maldives have been recording over 340 species of marine animals since 2019. Out of these, at least 207 species are listed on the IUCN Red List, 180 species are categorized as Least Concern species, and 27 species are considered Near-Threatened and Critically Endangered. Furthermore, more marine species are being discovered continuously within the project's areas. This information has been shared with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology in Maldives.

Marine Discovery Centre
Since 2018, Singha Estate has established the first "Marine Discovery Centre (MDC)" at SAii Phi Phi Island Village Hotel and introduced a second MDC at the CROSSROADS Project in the Republic of Maldives. The main objective is to enhance knowledge about marine ecosystems through engaging media to both stakeholders and interested people. Each center features specialized facilities, such as a coral reef growing area at the CROSSROADS Project, an endangered Shark species, a nursery for injured animals, and a clownfish breeding area on Phi Phi Island.

Conservation of Endangered Shark Species
Singha Estate, in collaboration with the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center (Upper Andaman Sea), the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, and the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, has conducted the "SOS: Save Our Sharks" project at SAii Phi Phi Island Resort in Krabi Province, aiming to conserve endangered shark species through nurturing, breeding, and releasing them into their natural habitat. A signboard to disseminate knowledge about conserving blacktip reef sharks will be set up in the Ma Ya Bay area.

“SeaYouTomorrow Camp: Fighting Climate Crisis” Project
In 2021-2022, Singha Estate partnered with Thailand's Environmental Education Centre (EEC) to host the "SeaYouTomorrow Camp: Fighting Climate Crisis" twice. The first camp, held at SAii Phi Phi Island Village Hotel, focused on marine ecosystems, while the second camp at Singha Park in Chiang Rai centered around forest conservation. These camps aimed to empower youth and organizational leaders, fostering leadership skills and innovative thinking. They emphasized the interconnectedness of nature, Green Carbon, Blue Carbon, and their climate impact from upstream to downstream.
Mangrove Forest Conservation Project at Baan Lohbagao Community, Phi Phi Island
The company prioritizes sustainable business development and community growth. Recognizing the significance of mangroves in storing Blue Carbon, the company collaborates with Baan Lohbagao community on Phi Phi Island for the "Mangrove Forests Conservation Project." This project, located at Moo 8, Ao Nang Sub-District, Muaeng District, in Krabi Province, focuses on exploring biodiversity, surveying carbon sequestration areas, and creating a unique nature trail in the mangrove forests to encourage sustainable tourism.

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