Enhancing Quality of Life for Everybody regardless of nationality and gender. Universal Design is incorporated
  • S-District

    • S-District boosts the local economy and provides space for local people to generate income (Sun Plaza flea market has been a popular marketplace for office workers and local people.
    • Green Space, common areas, and public co-working spaces (including public areas in each building)
    • Universal Design concept
    • Innovations for clean air in residential areas and reduce energy consumption. ‘S-Air' innovation has received the Product Innovation Awards and has been installed at THE EXTRO Phayathai-Rangnam project.

    • Hospitality business has supported the community economy by purchasing products, worth over 65 million baht
    • Employment of local people in 2022 accounted for 60.94% of the workforce
    • S-Angthong eco-industrial estate helped community farmers generate more income
    • Singha Estate is committed to achieving a "Zero Accident" record throughout its business chain by the year 2030. The company aims for a Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of zero per 1,000,000 working hours in construction processes. This target applies to both employees and contractors, reflecting Singha Estate's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety and well-being in all its operations.

    • Designed and constructed the 'Boccia Training Center’ for the brain-disabled athletes
    • In 2024, Singha Estate has not yet directly employed persons with disabilities due to ongoing improvements in work areas and facilities. However, Singha Estate has contributed funds to the Promotion and Development of Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities Fund, in compliance with Section 34, supporting a total of three individuals. (This initiative project is under Singha Estate PCL. and S Residential Development Co., Ltd.)

Enriching Society
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The company emphasizes economic development in all project areas through supporting local procurement, along with promoting sustainable tourism. It also emphasizes health and safety issues and capacity building for local employees, which helps them grow their career paths and maintain stable incomes. The company aims to achieve a zero-accident workplace by addressing health-related issues throughout the supply chain.
Singha Estate
‘S-AIR’ Innovation for creating clean air and reducing energy consumption in residential areas.
Singha Estate
Sun Towers and Singha Complex projects received the BSA Building Safety Awards 2022
Singha Estate
Announced 1 policy & 4 guidelines on occupational health, safety, and environmental
Singha Estate
The EOS Score assessment for 2022 was at 75 %


The company supports the community’s economic growth, particularly in areas near the hotel properties. The company helps foster local development through skills training and employment. These actions contribute to the economic growth of the community and country. The company also supports local procurement to boost community economic growth. It also helps preserve traditional arts and culture by turning them into a unique selling point that can bring memorable experiences to customers.
Singha Estate
The local employment in the hotel business accounts for
Singha Estate
Contribute income to the long-tail boat community by providing long-tail boat services for hotel guests
Singha Estate
The hotel business helps promote local economies by purchasing local products and using them to operate services for its customers, accounting for more than
65million baht


In line with the company’s intention to promote human rights among stakeholders and vulnerable groups, the company has continuously supported the activities of the Cerebral Palsy Sports Association of Thailand (CPSAT). The support spans from the design phase to the construction of the "Boccia Training Center" which also incorporates the Universal Design concept. This project received strong support from various partners in the business supply chain and was completed in 2021.